Solar Panels For Your Home

There are many types of solar panel for your home like crystal silicon solar panel, polycrystalline silicon solar panel, monocrystalline silicon solar cell, crystalless silicon cell board built in thin film solar cell, organic solar cell. Chemistry dye battery board in dye sensitization solar cell. Solar electrical energy generation system. The solar electrical energy generation system by the solar energy battery, the solar energy controller, the accumulator cell is composed. If outputs the power source to exchange 220V or 110V, but also needs to dispose the invertor. Various part of functions are the solar cell board is in the solar electrical energy generation system's hard core, is also in the solar electrical energy generation system the value highest part. Its function is transforms the solar energy as the electrical energy and you can build solar panel for your home, either escorts to the accumulator cell to save, either impetus load work. The solar cell board's quality and the cost will decide overall system's quality and the cost directly. Solar energy controller the solar energy controller's function is the control overall system's active status, and it's not hard to make solar panels to accumulator cell qidao charge protection, electric discharge protection function. In the temperature difference big place, the qualified controller should also have the temperature compensation function. Other additional function like light controls the switch, when controls the switch to be the controller may the option. Accumulator cell is generally is the lead-acid battery, generally around voltage and miliamp these two kinds, in small miniature system, also available nickel hydrogen battery, nickel cadmium cell or lithium battery. Its function is in has time the illumination the electrical energy which the solar cell board sends out to store up, to time which needs again releases to build and make solar panel.

Invertor in many situations, needs to provide alternating current supply because the solar energy direct output is generally DC 20~DC40V for can provide the electrical energy to the AC220V electric appliance and solar powered house needs the direct-current electrical energy which sends out the solar electrical energy generation system to transform the exchange electrical energy, therefore needs to use the DC-AC invertor. When certain situations, needs to use many kinds of voltages the loads, must use the DC-AC invertor, if transforms the VDC electrical energy ADC the electrical energy attention, is not simple voltage dropping, solar panels for your home. Crystalline silicon solar cell's manufacture process first the silicon cell inside a solar panel is on our earth preserves one of most abundant quantity materials. To build solar panel had discovered after the 19th century scientists crystalline silicon semiconductor characteristic, it changed all nearly, even humanity's thought. 20 century's ends, in our life everywhere obviously “silicon” the form and the function, the crystalline silicon solar cell is in the recent 15 years forms the industrial production to be quickest. The production process may divide into five steps approximately: a, depuration process b, pulls good process c, slice process d, system battery process the seal process and below is some solar cell's application like solar panel and how to build it. Everyone wants to know how to build a solar panel for home use including your neighbor. The solar electrical energy generation system's design needs to consider the following factor. How solar panel works, you will know that the solar light illumination ties in semiconductor p-n in the solar panels for your home, forms the new hole - doublet, in p-n ties the electric field under the function, the hole flows to the p area by the n area, and how to make a solar panel which is homemade, the electron flows to the n area by the p area, after the key-on, forms the electric current.

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This is the photoelectric effect solar cell's principle of work. First, the solar electrical energy generation way solar electrical energy generation has two ways, one kind is the light electricity conversion mode another kind is the light electricity direct conversion mode. The solar electricity conversion mode through the heat energy electricity is a renewable energy electricityt generation which produces using the solar radiation, generally is the heat energy which will absorb by the solar energy collector transforms the working substance the vapor, actuates the steam turbine electricity generation again and it reduce carbon emmission significantly but the preceding process is the light hot switching process, the latter process is the is the same with the ordinary thermoelectricity generation. The solar energy hot electricity generation's shortcoming is the efficiency is very low, thus not very energy efficient but the cost is very high as an solar investment, estimated that its investment must need at least to invest billions dollars compared to the ordinary thermoelectric power station expensive ten time of thousands MW solar energy heating and to build solar panel and power station, the average one kilowatt investment US dollars. Therefore, can only the small scale apply at present in the special situation, but uses massively in solar panels for your home in the economy is not very worthwhile, has not been able competes with the ordinary thermoelectric power station or the nuclear power station. Solar power direct conversion mode this way uses the photoelectric effect, the solar radiant energy will transform the electrical energy, the basic installment which the light - electricity transforms will be the solar cell directly. This is the advantage of building solar panel yourself aka diy solar panel. The solar cell is one kind as a result of a photoproduction volta effect, but the solar energy of light will transform directly as the electrical energy component, is a semiconductor photorectifier, when solar illumination to photorectifier on, the photorectifier will turn sun's energy of light the electrical energy, will produce the electric current. When many battery series into photovoltaic cell or were parallel may become have the quite big output solar cell square formation into solar panels for your home. The solar cell is one kind has the future new power source greatly, has the permanence, sanitary and the flexible three big merits. The solar cell life is long, so long as sun exists, the solar cell may an investment, but long-term use; With the thermoelectricity generation, the nuclear energy power generation compare, the solar cell cannot cause the environmental pollution; The solar cell may major and medium slightly develop simultaneously, as big as millions kW medium power plants, slightly to only supplies the solar energy battery which a household uses, this is other power sources is unable to compare to battery board raw material like glass, PVA,and  battery piece, aluminum alloy shell, tinning sheet copper, stainless steel bracket, accumulator cell and so on.

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The solar cell board new coating researches and develops successfully as american Rense forces the Technical institute researchers in 2008 to develop one kind of new coating a guide to build solar panels for your home, can make the latter's sunlight absorption rate its cover on the solar cell board to enhance to near perfect, but the ordinary solar cell board's sunlight absorption rate is only about 55%. The new coating has mainly solved two for the solar cell technical difficult problems; first, helps the solar cell board absorption nearly complete solar spectrum and also the carbon emmission problem, second is the causes the solar cell board absorption from the wide angle sunlight, thus raised the solar cell panel absorption sunlight efficiency. The ordinary solar cell board and home solar panel usually can only absorb the part solar spectrum, moreover usually only when absorption perpendicular incidence sunlight the working efficiency is high, therefore many solar energy installments provide the automatic control system, want a solar panel?build one! Free solar electricity guaranteed that the solar cell board maintains throughout with the sun is most advantageous to the absorbed energy angle for the most comprehensive diy solar panel. Besides commonly used unit crystal, polytropism, the crystalless silicon cell, the multi-dimensional compound solar cell refers to is not the solar cell which makes with the sole element semiconducting material. Now various countries' research varied assortment, majority not yet industrialization production. So start making your solar panel for your family and home NOW!  

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